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Emmy's, Part 1

You know, Thister, you're right. I am way behind on an Emmy's post. And that's mostly due to the fact that the Emmy's and the red carpet preceding it were a total bore. But I guess there's some highlights (and lowlights) to re-visit. So here it goes.


So. Sick. Of. This. Woman. Won't someone please just make her go away??? She's everywhere, and she needs to be stopped. Or she needs a good scandal and become more interesting. I'll take either.

Cheryl Hines:

Now let me start this out by saying that I love Cheryl Hines. I watch Curb Your Enthusiasm faithfully, and I think she plays the perfect straight man to Larry David's over-the-top jackass. But this dress is unforgivable. Look closely -- there is a smiling voodoo-like face created by those beads. I had nightmares for days about that face. That's really why it took me so long to make this post. Now that I've written something about it, perhaps the healing can begin.

Eva Longoria:

Dear, sweet Jesus, Lord above -- WHY do I feel like we see this woman EVERYWHERE??? I am so sick of her stupid face. She needs to crawl back into the hole of oblivion from whence she came. And her dress sucks. Like the Fug girls said, it looks like Pac-Man is about to swallow her face.

Debra Messing:

Redhead + white dress (except for on wedding day) = NO. Otherwise, not bad.

Jeremy Piven:

Ummmm... is that an ascot?

More to come...

(Photos courtesy of MSN Entertainment).


  • At 10:35 PM, Blogger Thister said…

    Haha! OMG! This is hilarious! I especially got a kick out of what you said about Cheryl Hines' dress. XD

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